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How to Control Bedbugs in your Home

How to Control Bedbugs in your Home

Preventing and controlling bed bugs is a primary objective of every homeowner. This guide discusses how to control bedbugs in your home whether you are currently living in the home or using your home as a Omaha rental home.control bedbugs in your home

Bed bugs are challenging pests to get rid of. They feed on blood and causes itchy irritated bites. When fed, bed bugs can reproduce rapidly, with the female bedbug lying over 500 eggs in a lifetime.

Bed bugs can live anywhere they find a host to feed on. They’re found in places like apartments, hotels, dormitories, office buildings, libraries and retail stores. At home, bed bugs are likely to be found near tags of mattresses, cracks on the bed frame, box spring, headboard, seams and piping systems.

When bed bugs infest your home, they tend to hide in the seams of chairs and couches, in the folds of curtains, between cushions, under wall hangings, in drawer joints, in electrical appliances, and even under the carpet.

Bed bugs only feed at night as they’re attracted to the carbon dioxide and heat given off by their potential feeding sources. The typical way by which bedbugs are brought in the home is through ‘hitchhiking’ on suitcases, clothing, and furniture.  It is extremely important to inspect used items for bedbugs before bringing them into your home. Often homeowners are perplexed about how to control bedbugs in their home and call a pest control company for help.

The first step to preventing or controlling bedbugs in your home is to take a proactive approach by keeping your home safe from infestation. Be careful when you stay in places where people visit like dormitories, apartments, and hotels because bedbugs can “catch a ride” and set up in your home.  Be vigilant with used furniture and beds when bringing them to your home. Try and put the used furniture on a dry or in the sun before putting them inside the house.

Always inspect your rooms for bedbugs and keep your luggage on furniture racks or off the floor.

It is not advisable to treat bed bug infestation on your own using chemicals as this can cause illness and even death.  To ensure safety and effective elimination of bed bugs, contact pest control experts.

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