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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Part II – Protect Your Property While On Vacation Tips

If you have already read our Part I about how to Protect Your Property While On Vacation , you certainly want to make sure to read on. It our two part series, you will read about ways to property your home while you are away. Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, it is imperative to protect your investment and your belongings.

Tips to Protect Your Property While On Vacation

Protect Your Property While On Vacation

Phone a Friend

Ask a neighbor or a friend to keep an eye on things. Maybe park their car in the driveway or drive by every day to check on things. The thought is to make it appear as if someone is at the home or going in and out of the home. Make sure that this friend and or neighbor is a trusting person.

Lawn Care Done

Make sure that your lawn is mowed and there are no newspapers are in the driveway. Again, refer back to the Phone a Friend. If you are on going to be gone for an extended time, ask the friend or neighbnor to pick up the newspaper or those aggravating flyers on the front door.  Nevertheless, make sure that your lawn is done and things look well maintained.

Lock .. Really LOCK that Garage Door

Most people now have a automatic garage door. I am sure you are thinking that since you have the remote opener with you that you are safe. WRONG. Yes, those doors are hard to open for burglars, but there is a workaround, however, called “fishing.” It’s where a burglar will snake a coat hanger through the top of the door, and pull the emergency release trigger, turning off the automatic opener and allowing the door to be opened manually. This isn’t possible on all openers, but it’s definitely a risk for some. Also, don’t leave an extra opener in the car that is parked in the driveway or on the street. Take all the garage door openers with you.

Safe-Keep Your Valuables

Lock up jewelry, guns, ammo, the deed to your home, wills, and any other valuables or sensitive documents in a fire-proof safe. Make sure it’s a safe that cannot simply be picked up and carried away. Invest and buy a large safe. It will provide you a bit of peace of mind in the future.

Be smart. Make a checklist of things that you need to do before you leave and check off that list. Other than a few lights on and the obvious of a security system there are things that will help keep your property safe while you are away. If you are a tenant and you rent a home, make sure that you have Renters Insurance. Many property owners require this type of insurance, but it they don’t – do it anyway.

Safe Travels!

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